The year is 2077. This is the year of the Great War. To this day, no one knew who launched the first nuclear assault. All that is known is that it only took two hours to devastate the entire human race. Those that could survive took place in fallout shelters or bunkers. In the coming months, life would cease to exist as we know it. Plants and animals died, the lands became baron and desolate. In the coming years, the world began to heal, but the scars that remained would mean that it would never be the same. Our world became a wasteland, where mutated creatures roamed freely, and humans who could barely be called human struggled to survive day after day. The lucky few had places reserved in one of the 122 large, government constructed bunkers known as Vaults.


The day is October 23, 2077. Oklahoma City is one of the last bastions of power as oil resources dwindle down to nothing. It is considered a last golden age, as people that held respect, power, and resources flow in as a final power grab to stem the tide of the inevitable. Once overlooked as a city of limited interest, the government now used its finite resources to push forth grants to entice companies to take on constructing privatized vaults. Representatives of The Vault-Tech corporation were contracted to act as consultants and potentially oversee operations.  While the popular opinion of these vaults remain dubious, this provides one last shred of hope for a city that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Fallout: Nukelahoma

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